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We Work Closely with Design Engineers, Contractors And Procurement, Providing Project Solutions.
Role:  Electromek is partnered with global manufacturers nVent Schroff, nVent Hoffman, Jonathan Engineered Solutions, Grau Elektronik and Harting; We work closely with design engineers, contractors and procurement, providing project solutions.Our extensive experience and narrow product focus ensures the client is receiving the highest level of attention, resulting in reliable, shortest time to market, design and supply.

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About Us


Electromek is a South Australian SME, focused on design and supply of electronic systems, mechanical hardware, and thermal management solutions to Defence, Railway and Industrial markets throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Established in 2017, Electromek is owned and managed by it’s directors Matthew and Tara Nadge.

Matthew has accumulated over 25 years experience in the Electronic industry. With this in mind, there was an opportunity to start Electromek in 2017, with aim to support customers with known brands, whilst also developing new supply partners to further support.

The company name Electromek was derived from Electronics, Mechanical, and/or Electro-Mechanical, being the general offer to market, hence “Electromek” was formed.


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