Beef jerky

For the Ultimate Protein-Packed Snack, Bite into Our Delicious Beef Jerky!
Role:  Our family recipes stretch back more than 20 years, allowing us to pack loads of amazing flavour into our beef which is marinated for over 24 hours. We pride ourselves on creating Aussie beef jerky with premium cuts of beef and with a range of different flavours that’ll be sure to tickle your fancy. From Sweet BBQ to Extra Hot, we’re always looking for premium flavours to add to our Jerky repertoire.

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We like to think we know a thing or two about beef jerky (I mean it’s in our name for crying out loud). But creating premium and fresh Australian beef jerky means more than just whacking any old cut of meat into a dehydrator and calling it a day. We understand that good things take time. Great things need that little something special. Creating that perfect piece of chewy jerky from a lean cut of beef is where The Jerky Co. really thrives.

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